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NeuroSky to offer thought control

NeuroSky to offer thought control without those pesky brain implants: "Intellectual children (dweebs) have long suffered the humiliation of being chosen last for such illustrious sports as Dodgeball and Piggy Move Up. Up to now, parents could only implant a BrainGate in hopes of supplanting hand-eye coordination with thought-control (be the ball Danny, be the ball). But now, NeuroSky (a fab(u)less startup of US chip designers and Russian neuroscientists chillin’ in NorCal) claims a ‘breakthrough’ in non-invasive neural sensors allowing low-cost, dry (no contact gels) neural mapping solutions to be applied to those things you’d most like to mind control ( spouse , voters , TV, game console, cellphone). Initially, they will focus on three applications: sleep/drowsiness detectors for the automotive and industrial markets; therapeutic solutions for attention deficit disorder (ADD) problems; and gaming consoles. They’ve already inked a deal with China Mobile and their 100 million cellphone subscribers. Hmm, China embracing thought-control technology - who woulda guessed it? [Via textually.org ] Ads by Google"

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