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Youtube Undercover Buzz Agent Exposed

A pretty blonde woman nervously stares at the camera and begins speaking.

"I'm not a stalker, I'm not crazy," she says। She then earnestly tells
a story about meeting a guy in a cafe and chatting him up before he
took off - leaving his jacket behind. She then apparently decided to
use YouTube to help her track down her modern-day Prince Charming. A heartwarming story? Sure. Except for one problem: it was all a hoax.

This wasn't a hoax put on by the blonde girl herself (real name
Heidi Hardy). Although it would have been mildly interesting if she had
turned out to be some attention-starved faker, that was not the case.
Instead, Heidi was a model/actress hired for a campaign led by
marketing group Naked Communications. The product being slyly sold was menswear - just like the jacket she claimed belonged to her mystery man.

Going by the numbers, the campaign was a success. Within four days, more than 60,000 people had watched the video.
Today, the number of views is over 150,000. But did the hoax actually
help the company market their product? Or did it just leave people with
a bad taste in their mouth after being taken in by the hoax?