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CNN.com - 'Enemies of humanity' quote raises Iraq PR questions - Jul 24, 2005: "The U.S. military on Sunday said it was looking into how virtually identical quotations ended up in two of its news releases about different insurgent attacks. Following a car bombing in Baghdad on Sunday, the U.S. military issued a statement with a quotation attributed to an unidentified Iraqi that was virtually identical to a quote reacting to an attack on July 13."

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Doctored Health News

Doctored Health News: "'Health reporters should not rely on prepackaged stories,' writes Maria Dorfner, whose company NewsMD Communications produces health-related videos. 'Physicians who migrate to television news ... lack actual reporting or producing skills.' According to Dorfner, this results in their 'relying heavily on prepackaged content."

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Rip-off Report

Rip-off Report.com

"Victim of a consumer Rip-off? Want justice? Rip-off Report™ is a worldwide consumer reporting Website & Publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file & document complaints about companies or individuals who ripoff consumers."

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Pushing Prescriptions

Pushing Prescriptions - The Center for Public Integrity: "How the pharmaceutical industry gets its way in Washington... The pharmaceutical and health products industry has spent more than $800 million in federal lobbying and campaign donations at the federal and state levels in the past seven years, a Center for Public Integrity investigation has found"


Buzzflash Review: We Know What You Want

Buzzflash Review: We Know What You Want: " a vibrantly designed, practical introduction to how we are psychologically influenced as a result of intentional strategic design... The two-page section (104-5) on how to detect propaganda is worth the book itself. It captures the Rovian manipulation of public opinion in seven short paragraphs."

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