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Top 25 Censored Stories 2009

How to Read a Newspaper

How to Read a Newspaper for National and International News

To take command of the way the mass media influence your thinking about the world, you must learn how to see through their biases and appreciate dissenting as well as mainstream points of view. Only then can you come to well-reasoned conclusions using a balanced approach. At present, few people have developed the skills to do this.

  • interpret events from the perspective of multiple views
  • find multiple sources of thought and information, not simply those of the mass media
  • identify the viewpoints embedded in news stories
  • mentally re-write (reconstruct) news stories through awareness of how stories are told from multiple perspectives
  • assess news stories for their clarity, accuracy, relevance, depth, breadth, and significance
  • identify contradictions and inconsistencies in the news (often in the same story)
  • identify the agenda and interests served by a story
  • identify the facts covered and the facts ignored in a news story
  • identify the points of view systematically presented in a favorable light and those presented in an unfavorable light


New practice: murketing


A form or marketing where the product or service is not mentioned or shown. [Blend of murky and marketing.]

murketer n.

"I, unlike the DMA and 21st Century MUrketing [sic], realize that
mutual consent is a requirement for economic transactions in a free
society regardless of attempts to characterize those transactions as

—Joe Moore, "MEDIA: Rebuttal from 21st Century Marketing in DMNews.com," news.admin.net-abuse.email, December 7, 1999


Six “Weapons of Influence” check list

Ad Creep Hits the Bike Lanes


from treehugger:

"We have complained before about ad creep, how the public
realm is being taken over by private marketers. I don’t know if I
should be happy or sad that the Egg Farmers of Canada have determined
that there are enough cyclists in London, Ontario that they want to pay
to advertise to them by painting ads onto bike lanes."