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Below The Line Marketing. Way, Way, Below The Line.

Review by AdPulp: Below The Line Marketing. Way, Way, Below The Line. "Every so often, a marketing book comes along that captures precisely what's going on at the moment--the 'zeitgeist,' if you will....We Know What You Want: How They Change Your Mind by Martin Howard is a fascinating overview of all the marketing tactics that are working to influence consumers on a much subtler level than traditional advertising....covering such tactics as event marketing, in-store marketing, targeted CRM, advergaming, word-of-mouth, PR, buzz marketing, etc., Howard lays it all out in a kitschy, well-designed book full of little graphics to keep you enthralled... I read a lot of marketing stuff, but this book has quite a few 'I can't believe someone's doing THAT' marketing ideas in here. It's well-done."

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ArchieLeach23 said...

This reminds me of Poker Without Cards [http://www.pokerwithoutcards.com]
Thanks for getting this info out into the light...

ArchieLeach23 said...
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